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Fully understand JavaScript and CSS concepts using memorable analogies and imagery. Eliminate hours of trial and error and guessing.

Give your brain the explanations it deserves!

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Basic web development lessons that use analogies to make new concepts simple

Each tutorial includes images, diagrams and text that explain common coding challenges in a refreshing (and unusual) way


CSS Tutorials

CSS Basics


CSS Positioning Explained by Building an Ice Cream Sundae

Box Model

The CSS Box Model Explained by Living in a Boring Suburban Neighborhood


CSS Display Explained by Packing a Suitcase


CSS Flexbox Explained by Roadtripping across the Country


CSS Floats Explained by Riding An Escalator


CSS Selectors Explained by Going Car Shopping

JavaScript Tutorials

Javascript Basics

The Very Basics

JavaScript Syntax Explained by Directing a Constuction Site


JavaScript Variables Are Just Like Trucks

Arrays and Objects

JavaScript Arrays and Objects are Just Like Books and Newspapers

For Loops And More

For Loops Explained by Running a Factory


JavaScript Callbacks Explained Using Minions

MVC Frameworks

Model View Controller Explained by Ordering Drinks at the Bar

Key JavaScript Concepts


AJAX Explained By Working In A Fast Food Restaurant


JavaScript Promises Explained By Gambling At A Casino


JavaScript Closures Explained by Mailing a Package


Scoping Explained Through Multiple Levels of Government

Traversing The DOM

Traversing The DOM Is Just Like Creating Your Personal Schedule

Popular JavaScript Frameworks

D3.js Basics

Learn D3.js by Planting a Vegetable Garden

React Props/State

Props/State Explained Through Darth Vader’s Hunt for the Rebels


Express Basics Explained by Running a Restaurant

JavaScript Dev Tools

Basic Dev Tools

JS Dev Tools Explained By Cooking In a Restaurant Kitchen

LocalHost v. Web Servers

Localhost Explained By Starting A Microbrewery

SQL Tutorials


SQL Basics

SQL Tables Explained by Voting in the Infamous 2016 Election

Git Tutorials

Git Basics

Git Basics

The Basics of Git Explained by Designing a New Car


Hi, I'm Kevin! I taught myself web development over the last couple years on nights and weekends. It was...challenging.

There had to be a better way to teach code than endless videos, blog posts and practice problems. I started studing cognitive psychology, and I realized that analogies and imagery make complex topics much easier to understand.

I wrote the first tutorial in March 2016, "Javascript Callbacks Explained Using Minions". It did over 5000 views, and I knew I was on to something.

Since then, the tutorials have done over 400,000 views. Now, I am trying to create a new way to teach web development

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