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We will compare an Express app to running a restaurant. If you want more background, check out this guide called "Express.js Explained by Eating at a Restaurant"

const express = require('express'); const app = express(); app.use('/table', function(req, res, next){ let shirt = req.shirt; let shoes =; if(shirt && shoes){ next(); } }); app.get('/table/:amount', function(req,res){ let party = req.params.amount; res.send('We are searching for your table for ' +party+'!'); }); app.listen(8080, function(){ console.log('We are open for business!'); });

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The Manager/ Express

"Hi, my name is app."

"I make the rules."

Seating Rules/ Middleware

1. Must have shirt

2. Must have shoes

Seating Guests/ GET route

"I need to find a table for (amount)"

Restaurant Address/ Port

"We are open for business at 8080!"